What Features To Look For In A Garbage Disposal?


InSinkErator disposals are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, are all equipped with overheating stoppage; they do not require maintenance; the parts have a guarantee of 3-7 years depending on the model; solid and light construction, including stainless steel, are the guarantee of outstanding performance and durability.

Easy to put together

the exclusive quick-lock setup system makes it easy to connect to the sink; each disposal comes with a fixing system for a standard sink of normal thickness (max. 30mm) with a 100mm diameter diameters. For special sinks (with a 50 mm diameter, thicker diameter), connection accessories are always available.

Good operating

The induction motor of the disposal, equipped with permanently lubricated bearings, has been made exclusively for the needs of the consumer; it has high torque that ensures quiet operation and sustained efficiency no matter what the load; all disposals are equipped with a spacious grinding chamber allowing the rapid and easy introduction of large volumes of food waste; the rotating fully, the stainless steel feeder improves the grinding result and gives maximum protection against the risk of damage, with the presence of an automatic reversal for certain models, which ensures uniform wear of the crushing blade and a long service life of the device.

Available in a wide range of models

InSinkErator offers a range of many domestic models, each equipped with different options; Several start-up devices are available (conventional wall switch, pneumatic style, controlled radio switch preventing the worktop from being drilled, magnetic plugs. You can see the top disposal reviews here from the Insinkerator brand if you are interested.


The grinding chamber and the motor have an optimal shape and design to allow enough space under the sink so that you don’t have to worry about it taking up to much space.